Something to Talk About, Urdu Translation Lecture No 5

In our 5th Lecture of one act play something to talk about we will see that now as the Wolf takes out the gifts of everybody  now when he take out the large cigarette box of Guy in which he has a cheque too, here again Bishop try to convince the Wolf to start his new life peaceful and leave this life tonight to decide for future. Guy also tries to convince the Wolf to let him have a cheque, as it is useless for him, Wold says, it will be useful when you will sign on it and orders to Preston to take a pen and ink for it. When Guy watches his cigarette case he also observes his family motto on the box, ‘ Nec elata, nec dejecta,’ mean ‘Neither elated nor cast down’. At last Wolf also takes out a large  and long case for Bishop. Here he watches the beautiful and wonderful golden, Bishop’s crook. ‘ It is very large and studded with enormous gems. He gives it to the Bishop’.something to talk about lect 4

Here when every body observes his/her precious gift, now Wolf takes back every gift, but nobody is ready to return him his/her precious gift, that is why Wolf again threaten them to use his revolver. Lady R tries to convince Wolf in such words, ” You know I can’t help feeling a wee bit of sentiments about this necklace. I’m a an old woman and may not enjoy another Christmas such as this. …… And if you take it away from me, you’ll look back on this happy morning and feel—oh so sorry–so full of remorse”. But when Wold is not convinced by Lady R.  Wolf also demands the Tiara from Lettice, she also tries to convince his to choose a lifetime friend and let her take this tiara. She also shows her inner nature saying, ” And when I hear you rod other people, then I’ll always stick up for you and say they deserved it”. We see here again Wolf is not convinced by Lettice saying ” D’you want me to abandon my craft and start keeping rabbit” and also get back the tiara, she begins abusing Wolf in such words, “ You’re a cad-that’s what you are–an utter bounder! I hate you”.

Now watch the Video Lecture and see what are more things in this lecture:

something to talk about 5 by Liaqat007

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