Something to Talk About, Urdu Translation and Critical Comments, 2nd Lecture

This is our second lecture of one-act play something to talk about, in which we will see some new characters with engage with Wolf. We see initially, the introduction of Lettice, the sister of Guy Sydney and praises her sister and also tells us her inner nature like, “Living just outside a cathedral town is slow work for Lettice. You’ve no idea how she longs for a novelty now and again….She’s a topping girl—-quite one of your sort—a Communist and Anarchist and a Bolshie at heart, though, of course, she’s got to hide it. Loves reading about you. You’d be giving a lot of innocent pleasure if you let her see at you at work. She’s beautiful too, and only twenty-one. You’d like her “.

After the permission, he goes to awake her sister, when Preston, the butler with poker enters in the room and tries to hit the burglar with poker, with the burglar with swift action disarms the Preston and ties him on the chair.something to talk about

When Lettice come she is very excited to see the Wolf as she has heard very much and read in the newspapers about the famous burglar Wolf. This is very interesting scene for their life that is happening now that this famous burglar has chosen their house and honored them according to their point of views. We also see that Lettice is very happy and feels pleasure to see when the wolf will steal all presents of his father, he will be shocked, show her inner nature too and exact qualities pointed out by her brother. Wolf tries to ask the password but Guy informs him that he does not know the password, her Guy tries to ask the password, but Lettice forbids her brother to do work and break into the safe by Wolf. Then Wolf explains that he will make a hole in this cold steel and break it.  During this time Lord Red Chester also enters in the room and shocks to see his son and daughter in the room at this time also shudders to see Wolf too in the room.

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