Something to Talk About, Urdu Translation, 1st Video Lecture

This is our 1st video lecture of the one-act play Some to talk about, in which see one main character with the name of Wolf, a famous burglar of England has come to break into Sydney’s home at Christmas night.something to talk about

When the curtain raises, it is the night scene and the burglar enters with his flash light at 3 o clock. He is in his black tight-fitting black Knickerbocker. We see in the room a table and a boxes of cigar and cigarettes.  He finds ad safe and then  arranges his tools for break the safe, suddenly he is disturbed by the arrival of Guy Sydney, who has just entered in the room accidentally. Wolf points out his revolver to him. Guy Sydney despite afraid of burglar, becomes very happy that the famous Wolf has come to his house to break into the house. He offers his drink and tells his and his family natures that are very gentle people, and now any novelty has been happened in their house, except marriages and funerals.  He also get permission to wake his sister to see all the scene how to break the safe with his tools. He also tells him that his sister has also same thinking and nature as the burglar, extremest and anarchist

After the permission, he goes to awake her sister, when Preston, the butler with poker enters in the room and tries to hit the burglar with poker, with the burglar with swift action disarms the Preston and ties him on the chair.

When Lettice come she is very excited to see the Wolf as she has heard very much and read in the newspapers about the famous burglar Wolf. This is very interesting scene for their life that is happening now that this famous burglar has chosen their house and honored them according to their point of views. There are many interesting things are in this play, to read with complete translation read this video lecture:

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something to talk about by Liaqat007

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