Something to Talk About, Lecture No 4, Urdu Translation and Critical Analysis

In this lecture we will see very interesting and most important scenes of the play, when Wolf unable to break the USA made safe, what is now, either he takes all gifts after revealing the code of safe from Lord R or not. Bishop here tries to motivate Wolf to leave to presents, all will praise for you at this Christmas night. Wolf also abuses the native American called Yankees who have manufactured such a hard and broken proof safe. Here all make fun of Wolf that he is called a Wolf but here is has proved himself “A lost sheep in wolf’s clothing!”. Here Wolf replies in beautiful words about his nature saying, ” Wolf do change their hair but not their hearts”.

Here we see that again Lord R tells about his magnificent gifts he has purchased for his family. Here wolf accepts that “this infernal thing beats me! I can’t get in! It’s a new metal. The Oxy-hydrogen won’t touch it!” Here Lord R tells him the password to open the safe, but here Bishop argues that he will tell if he does not take his crosier, but Lettice shows again her Anarchist nature that “The Wolf always makes a clean sweep. That’s what he’s here for.”  Preston also takes a cricket bags for his to carry the all gifts in the bag. Now Wolf start taking out all gifts one by one and here we see the expressions of all family members when they observe their gifts, it is very interesting point when every boys watches his gift, what is the feeling about the gift.something to talk about

Firstly we see the Necklace for Lady R, here Lettice requests to Wolf to let her mother try once to take it around her neck, to see the magnificence of Necklace.  Here Wolf also praises the Necklace and judges its value and price, then we see many other gifts for other members, for these must watch this lecture:

Let us watch our video lecture to see what more gifts and what are the more feelings of family members:

something to talk about 4 by Liaqat007

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