Something to Talk About, Lecture No 3, Urdu Translation

In our third lecture of one act play Something to Talk About, we will see many interesting scenes and new characters.  Lord Red Chester has some and watched the Wolf to work and break the safe.   In initial stage of 3rd lecture where we see That Lord R tells his family moral decency telling in this way,” This is most interesting thing that has happened in my family since our third Kennel man ran away with great aunt, Alicia. And that’s two hundred years ago!”

He also explains that Sydney’s do not cheat anyone accept they are cheated by others. At the same time Lettice also suggest to awake her mother, to see this unforgettable scene, and if she misses this chance, she will never forgive us. He Lord R challenges the Wold that he cannot break this safe, but Wold accepts challenge and also accept the bet of 8000 too if he breaks the safe.  He also send Preston to wear the suitable dress. Now Wolf begins his work and tries to use all his tools to break this safe.something to talk about

Here we also see the beautiful lines delivered by the Wolf to give a message of the play and theme of the writing in these lines, “There ain’t no criminal classes, any more than virtuous classes. The rogues and the rulers may both come from the gutter, or the Palace. A man can be in the House of Commons to-day and the House of Detention to-morrow”.

Lord R encourages the Wolf ‘to catch the spirit of season’. During this work, Lady R also enters  with her show cap and dressing gown. She, in her fist impression does not believe that this is true incident happening to their house. All members start singing when Wolf is working ti break the safe. They also call him a new sort of Santa Clause. Now all watch to see that either Wolf is able to break the safe or not and when they see that Wolf is unable to break the safe and surrenders to his work. Here Lord R tells his that he did not believe that this safe will be so wonderfully hard and broken proof. During this work Guy also call Bishop to see the marvelous work in special Christmas night.

Now watch the video Lecture and see what is happening more in this lecture:

something to talk about 3 by Liaqat007

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