Something to Talk About, Last Lecture, Urdu Translation and Explantion

In our last lecture of the one act play something to talk about, we that Wolf has taken all gifts back and has not cared any request of any member, so now Bishop uses a trump card to him to divert him to other place to steam all precious things from his neighborhood.  Bishop tells that you are missing a great chance to prefer these meager things on most precious things that I can tell to find but Wolf ignores and tell that ” A bird in hand is better than the bush”. Now initially in the lecture, Bishop again tries to insist him saying, “But what about a turkey worth half a million” hits the Wolf and now he asks more details about that. Here Bishop tell him that he is now next door neighbor, “He is worth that ten million, and being a vulgar creature, very fond of display, he exhibits a part of his wealth in a   service of astounding gold plate on his dining-room sideboard. It is to be worth two hundred thousand pounds.  Then in his drawing-room, there sands a cabinet containing five hundred small, quite portable pieces of old china, each worth over a thousand pounds.”

Here every body plays its part to add more to be-fool something to talk aboutthe Wolf and Guy adds that “i know it inside out. There’s little window on the right side of the main entrance you could walk through.

Bishop elaborates the situation, location of that grand house and also explains that Wallabys dine with us to-night. Wallaby can never eat anything that isn’t cooked by a French chef, and his has run away, so we take pity on the man and he’s coming to try ours”. Bishop also explains that ” And the servants all live at the other end of the mansion, they will be keeping Christmas, you understand. From eight till eleven the place is at your mercy.”

He after long efforts the Wolf agrees to give the all gifts in return of the next best substitute of precious things, and every body sees off the Wolf in good manner.  Here Lord R again says, something to talk about so that we can say that an incident has been happened in our house.

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something to talk about 6 by Liaqat007

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