Solved Paper B, 2015 Annual, 2nd Group, Q No3

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Q. No 3: Write a letter to the Editor to the newspaper regarding the deteriorating las and order situation in the country.
The Editor,
The News,
Subject: Pointing out the issue on deteriorating law and order situation in the country:
Honorable sir,
I have the honor to invite your attention the ever deteriorating condition of law and order in the country.
Once, Lahore was very peaceful city. Everyone felt secure by the law, with the assurance that his life and property was safe. But now, unfortunately, during the last decade, the situation has changed and there no peace in the city.
Newspapers are replete with the stories and news of crime streets. Violation of law has become a trend. No one bothers about obeying the law. Mobile snatching is common and daily columns are full of such news in every surrounding. Women too, are not safe to shop at even the day time due to the fear of purse snatching. Everybody is anxious and worried because of increasing street-crimes. The situation is going to be worse even every coming day. The criminal are moving scot-free. No law enforcing agency are taking any actions against of the increasing street crimes and to control this increasing situation. It seems that here is the rule of forest. The law enforcing agencies seem to be helpless. They just register the case, but put the files in garbage.
In this situation, mentioned above, I request the government and law enforcing agencies to take some emergency and hard steps to eradicate this situation in order to make sure the law and order is restored.
Yours Truly,


Question: Write an application to the C.E.O of the multinational for the post of marketing office.
The C.E.O
Multinational Firm,
Subject: Appointment as a marketing officer
Honorable Sir,
I have come to know by some reliable resources that some vacancies of the marketing officers lie vacant under your kind control. I offer my services for such kind of posts and I have 5 years’ experience in the relevant field. As regards my qualification, all particular and attested documents are attached with my application.
I would appreciate your considering me as a candidate for the post and if appointed, I ensure you to provide my best services, will leave no stone to do my duties enthusiastically. I will be grateful to work under your supervision and would work to the entire satisfaction of my superiors.
Yours Truly,

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