BA English Guess Paper 2018 for 4th Year:

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BA English Guess Paper 2018:

English Language:    B.A Punjab University 2018      

Time: 3 hrs:                                                     Marks: 100

Note: Attempt all question in both sections. Be relevant and precise. Over-attempt deserves no credit

No 1: Attempt any TWO of the following questions (200-225 words each)

Q: According to the Liaquat Ali Khan what are the demands that our freedom makes on us?

Q: Describe the writer’s love for nature? (Whistling of the Birds)

Q: Describe the David Scott’s experience of weightlessness on the Lunar Space (Walking on the moon)

Q: This is how the writer has presented the character sketch of the tailor. (My Tailor)

Q: How does Aldous Huxley define ugliness? (Beauty Industry)

Q: What according to Shaw is the distinction between the Quack doctor and the qualified doctor? (Are Doctor Men of Science) 

Q: Comment on Beerbohm’s statement “I take it that the virtue of hospitality stands midway between churushness and mere ostentation”. (Hosts and Guests)

Q: What are the real problems faced by the confirmed bachelor? (Bachelor’s Dilemma)

 Q:”It is easy to see fanaticism in others but difficult to spot in oneself”. Discuss with reference to Tolerance by Forster.  (Tolerance)

Q: How does Lewis Thomas compare computers with human beings? (To Err is Human)

Q: How does Bertrand Russell prove that all “fanatical creeds” are harmful to mankind? (Science and Values)

Q: Which are the water-soluble Vitamins and what are their benefits? (The Vitamins)

No 2: Attempt any TWO of the following questions (200-225 words each) 10+10

Q; Draw the character sketch of Santiago, Old man.

Q: Write a note on the old man’s love with nature:

Q: Discuss the symbolism used in “The Old Man and the Sea”.

Q: Discuss the ending of the novel.

Q: Explain this sentence, “Man can be destroyed, but not defeated”.

Q: The fish is a symbol of an ideal life for the old man. Discuss.

Q: “Man is not made for defeat”. Discuss.

Section B: English Language:   

No 3: Write an essay with the outlines of 300-350 words on one of the following topics:

  1. Pakistan Latest Foreign Policy and its Impacts
  2. Pak China Relationship
  3. Democracy in Pakistan:
  4. Challenges for Pakistan against American Policy
  5. CPEC a Game Changer:
  6. The Power of Electronic Media
  7. Internet – A Tool of Modern Age
  8. Village Uplift:
  9. Social Evils of Pakistan

No 4: (i) Write a letter to the Editor of a Newspaper on the evils of street begging.


Write an application to the Director of Education for the post of an English Teacher.

(ii) Write a letter to the Editor of a Newspaper about the lack of medical facilities in Government Hospitals. 


Write an application to the Finance Manager of a Multinational Firm for the appointment of an Account Clerk.

(iii) Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper, criticizing the dress and habits of students at the college.


Write an application to the Director of Education for the post of a Lecturer in Economics. Also, provide your C.V.

(iv) Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper, complaining about unscheduled load shedding. 


Write an application to the Director Education (Schools) for the appointment of a teacher.

(v) Write a letter to the District Police Officer about the increasing street crimes. 


Write a job application to the Director of a Private Firm for the post of an Accountant

(vi) Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper expressing your concern on current wave of terrorism


Write a job application to the manager of a mobile phone franchise for the post of Office Assistant. 

No 5: Correct any five of the followings. (No Extra attempt will be marked)

You should refrain of doing evil.

I have not met him since two days.

I don’t agree to your proposal

He is not such a man whom I like

The honesty is best policy

The machine is out of an order

The honey is made by bees

She is older than me.

The patient has been operated.

He is suffering from fever for last ten days.

Every evening she is going for a walk.

One must do his duty

He is in this college for six months

He asked me where was I going

This is the more interesting book.

I he and your are good friends

Neither Aslam not Akram have done their work.

We met at the house of a mutual friend to make peace.

Have you heard of your son’s robbery?

Unless you don’t work hard, you cannot secure good marks.

I hate those sorts of men.

He has been operated.

He is such a man who is liked by everyone.

Write with ink.

I do not care for these sorts of things.

She is not clever to do it.

He is a coward boy.

Neither he comes, nor he writes.

Why he wrote that foolish letter?

I shall stay at Murree for few days.

He only is responsible for this act.

I seldom or ever take medicine.

The child died at three year old.

Not a line of the lectures were written.

He is bent to do it.

It is much hot today.

He made a goal against our college.

I shot the bear but missed.

They pay no attention to their old father.

He is the student whom I think deserves praise.

Is not he your brother?

The wages of sin are death.

Eight miles are a long distance.

I am studying the news paper.

He aims to please everybody.

Every one of them want to go to sea.

He is reading at the medical college.

Either of these two houses are to let.

The teacher took a test of the students.

He insisted to do it.

I bade him to do it.

Such students who don’t work hard fail.

He requested me to say little more.

She is cooking the meal for 30 minutes.

He goes there never.

Mr. Zahis with his wife and children live here.

A number of boys is absent.

We should avail of this chance.

They went to the fair and enjoyed.

He murdered was hung.

He said to them if can you help me.

The rotten mangoes smell badly.

Please, do the needful.

Leave was availed at once

 No 6: use any five of the following phrases in sentences.

To win laurels

To pass away

Face the music

Get into hot water

Work out

To have a gift of the grab

Off and on

A wet blanket

Take a fancy to

A brain drain

Blue Blood

Turn down

Take in:

Throw up:

Stand for

Strike down

Stick to the point

Hush up

Bring through

Beat back

Die away

Come about

Fix up

Look up

Turn up

Run up against

Bear out

Fall out
Make off with

Set up for

Round up

Blow out

Bear up

Bear with

Back out

Drop in

Blind in

Back away

Be up to

Give up

Go back on

Buy off

Break away

Turn away

Hold on

Bear out

Apple pie order

Apple of one’s eye

Apples and oranges

At a loss

Face the music

Small talk

Work wonders

Make for:

Oily tongue

French leave

Carry the day

Cat’s paw

Out of elbows

Come of age:

Give up the ghost

Die in harness:

Fall in with


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