Smoke Screen, One-Act Play Lecture No 4 Urdu Translation and Explantion

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In our 4th lecture of one act play Smoke Screen, we will see that  When Lucy and Susan are discussing each other for the matter of Prim Rose. Lucy is now trying to convince he sister she never thought to put her will to her daughter like Victorians and treat her in harsh way. She knows that nothing is secure today we we have to act with our kids in polite way. She elaborates that we should give our children a better time.

Here Susan tells that she has trusted more than her nature, though she is beautiful and attractive that is why she has much trust to her daughter, that is why does not want to teach her daughter discipline. But Lucy does not agree with her proposal and tells her that she has met many people in her business and she (her Sister, Susan) need not to tell her more about men and teach her how to behave with her daughter. She also explains, as she is a mother, so it is natural to treat her daughter nicely as a mother.

During this conversation a new character comes in this play. She is Clarice, who have come her to see Lucy and reveal a secret about her brother John. She is clod with a fantastic dress and now she tells her that she wants to tell about her brother. She explains that she has a brother, who is very ugly. she ex[presses these words as, ” But I mean really, definitely ugly. He’s known as the ugliest man in the Rugby football field, and that includes France. I don’t know if You’ve ever seen France play?”

After listening this both sisters are completely crazy to listen about John and desire to see him. Clarice tell them that her brother is one hundred and ninety pound and looks like a bull. Now she tells her that she want to all this due to Primrose. Here very interesting scene starts.

To see what is the more interesting scene, watch the video lecture now:


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