Smoke Screen, One-Act Play, 2nd Video Lecture, Urdu Translation

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This is 2nd video lecture of Smoke screen. In this lecture 2 most important video lecture is introduced, Lucy, the mother of Prim Rose, a very handsome and attractive woman, seem to be very able and qualitative woman, when Susan trying to convince Prim Rose and in return gets harsh and rude words by her niece. Now when Lucy enters, she complains about rudeness of Prim Rose to Lucy. During this conversation, she remembers her bag place and now asks her aunt to give her the bag, otherwise she will have to push her to the ground.

Prim Rose also lights the cigarette taken from her mothers cigarette box and then put it on her lips. She also explains that she has her girlish secrets in her bag and she cannot go out naked without suing lipstick that make scandalized eyes of men mad to see the girls deeply.

After departure of Prim Rose now main dialogue between Susan and Lucy starts on the maters of Prim Rose. Lucy accepts that she has done a grand mistake for Prim Rose to ignore her in her nourishment to take care of her. Lucy also accepts that she observed some time to take care of Prim Rose but she did mistake. She tells and accepts that she has done a blunder for whom she is being punished for this.

Susan tries to convince her that Prim Rose is still very young and she will get better. Susan is also worried and tells that Susan fought for her daughter and played a part like a heroine for Prim Rose. She tells her that you have fought bravely against the bitter circumstances. Lucy accepts that fought with life and now life is taking revenges against her in shape of Prim Rose.

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smoke screen lecture no 2 by Liaqat007

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