Smoke Screen, One Act Play, 1st Lecture with Urdu Translation

This is our 1st Video lecture of one-act play smoke scree. In this play, when the curtain raises we  see Susan, the Aunt of  Prim Rose, young girl, plays a role as heroine in this One act play. The appearance of the sitting room is out of date. It seem that most of its use is only by the women, We some a comfortable room but not fully furnished as we expected, but still charming and with good taste room. We see in the room a rack with some books too and a gramophone, a vase of flowers, some chairs and pouf on the chairs with bright covers. The walls are also decorated with modern paints also standard lamp in the table.

We see Susan is of 50, selects a record to run on the gramophone and it runs “The Ride of the Valkyrie” on the gramophone. The as she goes to the bookcase to look for a novel, suddenly door opens violently and a girl enter in the sitting room. She leaves the room open and then begins searching something in full of restlessness. Susan tries to speak with her and asks her to sit for sometime to have talk with her, but does not listens her and tells her that she is looking for her bad so that she can find her lipstick. Susan looking her condition and the watching the bad on the sofa, sits on sofa and willingly hides the bags in very convenient way behind her back. She tries to convince Prim Rose to stay at house and have a talk but Prim Rose does not listen as she has to go to night club, and she can’t attend club without lipstick she would seem to be naked without lipstick. Prim Rose is very loudmouthed girl who does not respect her aunt and does not care about her arrival in her house.

Now watch the Video Lecture for more details of Smoke Screen

smoke screen lecture no 1 by Liaqat007

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