Smoke Screen, Lecture No 5, Urdu Translation, Final Discussion

In this lecture of Smoke Screen we will see what will be the result of next step when Clarice has portrayed the picture of her brother beautifully and now Lucy is feeling something special that Clarice want to convey. She even compares John with hippopotamus. When Lucy listen all about John, she assume that Clarice has come here for her brother’s job for her taxi can advertisement but when she denies about any kind of job, Lucy and Susan become angry and about to scold her for this act of praising and telling about brother. At this time Primrose enters in and Clarice thanks as she is now completely afraid of Lucy and her sister. After playing her role, Clarice goes out to wait her. Here Primrose tells her mother that she is going to marry with John. This situation shocks both the sisters, Lucy and Susan. Now Susan goes out as now it is useless for her to sit here after listening this shocking news.

Primrose doesn’t care what her mother will think about her decision. She knows everything as she remembers about her father marriage in this house. Now she tells why she has decided to marry with John. She explains that John has made her to feel the things of marriage and made her to feel of her soul what is love.   She enjoys all the talks with Lucy and explains about the real feeling to decide why she has selected John for marriage. She also tells that why has she sent Clarice to her to make all the situation clear to her. But most important point she clears that her lover is not a lady-killer because he is not as beautiful as her father was,  Here Lucy shocks to hear that she knows all about her father and asks to Primrose who has told her about her father. Here Primrose tells everybody told her about her father except her mother, who always proved that he was scoundrel.

Now watch the Video Lecture about this part so that all other things would clear to you:

smoke screen lecture no 5 by Liaqat007

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