Smoke Screen, Lecture No 3, Urdu Translation

This is our third video lecture of Smoke Screen with Translation, in which we see that Susan the elder sister of Lucy is trying to make her sister understand about her Niece, Primrose.

Now when Susan asks her that why have you not cared of your daughter, Lucy tells her justification. Now Lucy explains many things for her daughter. She explains that she wanted to show her daughter that the divorce as not casual but she was forced to give divorce to her husband. She wants to explain that showed her husband’s ugly face to her daughter and told her that her father’s rotten nature has descended to her. She tells the nature of her husband that he was, no doubt a rotter. Here Susan tell her sister that you told your daughter that you were fooled by him and married with him and that all you told  to your daughter that her father was a rotter and scoundrel. She also explained that she was fell in love with the devil (her husband).  That was big mistake that you did for your daughter to prove her that her father was a scoundrel.

Here Lucy becomes angry with Susan that 5 minutes before she as telling that I played a role like a heroin but now she is asking against this matter.  She told that she worked day and night to for her daughter and she could not any other to enhance her business for her child. She could not be a domestic woman, when she was running her business.

But here Susan tell that now she has become mature and now her attitude has become rude and ill-mannered. Her mother cannot teach her the good manners. Bu Lucy tell her that at this age most of youths are ill-mannered as they think according to their own mind and they dont want to be interfered by anybody.

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smoke screen lecture no 3 by Liaqat007

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