Smoke Screen, Last Video Lecture, Urdu Translation and Critical Commments

In our last video lecture we will reach to the conclusion of this play smoke screen. We know the discussion between Lucy and Primrose is in progress and now Primrose trying to convince her mother and tells her what are the main reason of selecting John marriage. She also tells that why has she been worried about the decision of marriage. Here she reveals the secrets of information about her father how did he leave you.
She uses the word man hunting to feel that she has much information about her father, who was very beautiful and was also lady-killer. She has done her right decision and give solid reason in these words, ” ” I think I know John. I may not know him really, because I’m in love with him. But listen, if I’m making a mistake, it’s different mistake from the one you made, because John’s as different Charles as two men can be. He doesn’t broadcast charm. He’s got an ugly mug…..of course, his smile is like little ripples in summer sunshine….and I am not being sentimental, either.”
She expresses his feelings that she has fallen in love with John.

Here Lucy with her helplessness and disappoint, expresses her feeling on her daughter’s decision, “I always a losing game to be a mother. You were a baby, and I lost my baby. Then you were a helpless child, and I lost her too, and gained a schoolgirl, half of yo as dependent as ever you couldn’t watch and share. Then you grew up, a little women, frightened at fist of womanhood, then used to it and confident about it. I’d lost you very far by then, Primrose, but unlike other lonely mothers with an only child, I had no need to make tragedy of it. I had my taxi-cabs. I’m not sure, and I wouldn’t preach to others the gospel of hard work as the greatest thing in the word, but as you went from me, the taxi-cabs for their own sake, for the sake of the career they represented.
Finally she accepts her daughter’s proposal and Primrose goes to call her lover, who is waiting in drawing-room, and here Lucy again leaves a smoke, and expresses that she is behind the smoke screen to save her daughter if he (John) try to deceive her daughter.

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