Shadow in The Rose Garden, Urdu Translation, Lecture No 2

This is 2nd lecture of the short story the shadow in the rose garden, where the writer D H Lawrence expresses the illegal sexual relationship between a wife and her old lover Archie, that annoys her husband and then a huge width between husband and wife.shadow in the rose garden

After denying her husband the heroine of the story when her husband went out, she too came out concealing her face in a sunshade. She didn’t want to be identified by anyone. She stepped along the road and reached a wonderful garden complete of roses. It was enclosed by a walls and had a large number of roses. The reaching close to the garden seemed not inhabited, the windows were layer less and dark. Your kitchen entrance was open but perhaps was not used any longer. The woman stepped forward yearning when a gardener disturbed her and informed her that the garden wasn’t open for community and people that day. This was an excellent surprise for her as this garden belonged to the rector’s family members and wasn’t a community or public place. She asked for him to let her have a look at the roses that he hesitantly approved. Then she moved forward and seemed around at the wonderful rows of roses increasing all around her.When the young women entered in the rose garden and observed the beautiful roses of all colors especially, the white she was much amazed and impressed by these flowers.  She felt a shadow in the rose garden that was remembrance of her past love. She was there to remember her previous days. The garden was very important for the woman as she had been residing in this city some decades before and had a romance with a military man. This garden was the place where they used to see each other. So she had come there to remember all past activities of her excellent times spent there with Archie, the rector’s son. As she was seated on the chair in area of the garden, she saw her former fan and was surprised to see him in existence as he was believed to have passed away many weeks ago. She tried to communicate with him but he had become a lunatic by then and was not able to identify her. This was an excellent drawback to the already damaged interaction of the heroine with her husband. This occasion had further disappointed her and she didn’t want to see any one. She came at house and closed herself in the space. So the garden and the lunatic fan were the signs of her missing really like that had destroyed her absolutely.

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shadow in the rose garden lecture no 2 by Liaqat007

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