Shadow in the Rose Garden, Urdu Translation, 3rd Lecture

This is our 3rd Lecture of the short story in which we see the heroine of the story is much disturbed by the scene of Archie, his ex-lover. He was now mad. This mad her more tortured and painful, when he stared her with his fixing eyes. The he made an unconscious salute, and sat beside her on the seat.  Then he asked ” I don’t disturb you–do I?”.

This situation was more tortuous for her and she was helpless and mute on the seat beside him. She felt her past when she saw her hands and fingers, as if she were going dazed. “The world deranged. She sat unavailing. For his hands, her symbol of passionate love, filled her with horror as they rested now ion his strong thigh”.shadow in the rose garden

She was completely intoxicated with her romantic moments in front of him, and she was also pale with anguish and agony. When he talked in his unconscious voice, “she paid no heed to his words, she only attended to him”.

She stared him and tried to made him recognize her, but”it was not he”.  Yet those were the hands she had kissed, their were the glistening, strange black eyes that she had loved. Yet, it was not he”.

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shadow in the rose garden lecture no 3 by Liaqat007

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