Rappaccini’s Daughter: Urdu Translation, 5th Video Lecture

This Lecture shows the turning point of the story Rappaccini’s Daughter. This is the part where love turns into sorrow and after Prof: Prof Bagloini give Giovanni a power medicine to save him from poison that has entered to Giovanni’s system. Professor also says that “it is not yet too late to save”.  

We also see Bagloini’s expression when he goes saying that “we will defeat Rappaccini yet” showing that there is war between Dr. Rappaccini and Dr. Bagloini.

Bagloini’s last meeting and giving the antidote Giovanni is full of doubts for the character of Beatrice, and now he decides to test her character with some fresh flowers, if they die in Beatrice’s grasp, then he will feel no doubts for the character of Beatrice.

Giovanni purchases some fresh flowers, but when he watches that flowers in his room, they also wither in his grasp due to his own poison entered his system, this make Giovanni furious and now he hated Beatrice.

Watch the video of this part with complete translation in this video:

Rappaccini daughter 5th lecture by Liaqat007


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