Rappaccini’s Daughter is a Science Fiction. Discuss:

How far is Rappaccini’s Daughter a fantasy?



Discuss the story as a fantasy.


Rappaccini’s Daughter is an interesting love story that may be called a fantasy. The astonishing (حیران کن) experiences described here are purely imaginary and entirely incredible (ناقابل یقین). Such wonderful things cannot be possible in real life. The story may be called a science fiction (فرضی). The writer condemns scientific research that is carried on dangerous lines.

Dr. Rappaccini is a researcher who has a craze (جنون) to grow poisonous herbs (جری بوٹیاں) and plants in his garden. When Rappaccini grows his first poisonous plant, Beatrice; his daughter also is born on the same day and becomes poisonous like the plant. Beatrice breathes that plant which his father avoids even with a pair of thick gloves and covered face. Beatrice expresses her love with that magnificent (شاندار) plant as “it shall be Beatrice’s task to nurse you and serve you, and you shall reward her with your kisses and sweet breath, which to her is as the breath of life.”  It is impossible in real life, if a person meets any poisonous plant, he is sure to die. If we suppose this miracle happens, then Beatrice’s love meetings with Giovanni also make him poisonous and do not even harm him Beatrice’s poisonous breathe, though other insects and animals die and flowers wither in her grasp (گرفت). It is too unreasonable.

We also see on one occasion that when Beatrice catches Giovanni’s hand and it hurts, there is purple (جامنی) mark. The writer maintains the point that her touching was like a stinging (ڈسنا) of some poisonous animal. This is highly imaginative and unbelievable thing.

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