Rappaccini’s Daughter Notes: Giovanni is not perfect lover. Discuss.

Write a note of Giovanni’s confusion between love and fear.


Giovanni is not perfect lover. Discuss.


Explain these lines:

“It was not love, although her rich beauty was madness to him; nor terror; but a combination of both”.

Answer: Giovanni was a student of medicine at the University of Padua in Italy. He belonged to the Southern part of Italy. He was a very poor young man. He wanted to live in a good house but his poverty did not allow him to do so. Therefore, he had to live in an ill-furnished rented house above Rappaccini’s garden when in the very first day he stood at the window for bird eye view of garden. There he saw a scientist working among the plants in garden and his daughter, Beatrice. He fell in love with Beatrice at first sight and became mad and passionate in love. He also watched

Dr. Rappaccini observing the plants, avoiding from their direct touch, and feeling insecurity (عدمِ تحفظ) among these herbs at the same time he watched and observed the Beatrice, not only touching these plants but also kissing them. It made also Giovanni confused. “He dreamed of a rich flower and beautiful girl. Flower and maiden were different, and yet the same, both containing some strange danger.” He came to know that his beloved، Beatrice possessed fatal power’. He felt that he had put himself within the influence of a strange power by the words, which he had exchanged with Beatrice. The condition of Giovanni’s passionate feeling came sometime to climax and sometime decline. “It was not love, although her rich beauty was madness to him; nor terror, but a combination of both. Blessed are all simple emotions, be they dark or bright. It is mixture of the two that come from the region of hell.” He became much confused and sentimental at the last meeting of Baglioni and blamed Beatrice to make him poisonous but after sometime he became normal and gave her antidote to drink for safety but unfortunately, she died.

Therefore, we conclude that Giovanni was confused between love and fear and did not prove prefect lover, though he was much sincere with Beatrice.

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