The Power of Electronic Media

1. Introduction:
2. Importance of Media
3. Influence of Media
4. Role which media is playing
5. Future of Media and the world rising powers
6. Conclusion

The modern time shows the power of media, as it has become a large power giant of the modern world today. The whole world is bearing the witness of the West hegemony in all spheres of the world, and so is the case with the media. The strings of international media are in the hands of the West, and West is promulgating whatever their agenda is to make their influence credible and reliable. There are two types of Media, Electronic Media, and Print Media. Both have their areas of exercise. In Electronic Media, there are different types like Television, Radio, VCR, Tape Recorder and the Internet. In Print Media, there are also different types like Newspaper, digest, Magazine, pamphlet, book and brochure.

Media has a great importance and utilization in every context of life. Today, one cannot even imagine the life without media. Media has made us aware of our surroundings. In the past, it was difficult to know each thing about distant areas, but today we can even know the news about far-flung areas. This is the power of media that one can see jet fighters of Afghanistan dropping bombs while sitting in America and Europe.

It is evident, by the power of media, that media influences the individuals and nations. America and Israel, through the power of media, are trying to control Iran. They have allied many countries with them to oppose Iranian acts in the form of UN and EU. They are leading a Mass Media campaign to urge all the countries and nations against Iran’s nuclear program. Even Pakistani children are singing Indian religious songs, like Banday Mataram.

The role which media is playing is not hidden to the sight of anyone. From the international media to the local media, it is seen that the policy makers of media are working on their specific agendas. The enmity of the west against Islam is not new, which is prevailing very rapidly in western countries, and they are trying to debase Islam and Islamic holy personalities through loathsome measures of media. The government is also trying to dictate different channels to spoke for them.

The Media has a great impact on the culture and society of Pakistan. Media is playing a crucial role in molding the true Pakistani culture through demonstrating different folk and cultural shows. The Pakistani Drama has reached its zenith of majesty. Pakistani Drama Serials are playing a vital role in shaping the culture of Pakistan. Sports channels of Pakistani Media are also providing with a good entertainment to the audiences.

The dawn of media has raised the field of education to the acme of technology. Many universities are getting sophistication in imparting knowledge due to the advancement of media. The open University of Islamabad and the Virtual University of Pakistan are making full use of Media to give knowledge. In addition to this, channels like Dawn and Express 7/24 are a big source of knowledge for students of competitive examinations, because along with the written news they have another plate forum to interpret the change of language within their own cultural and political environment.

Around the world, all the nations are working to subjugate other nations. The role of media in pursuit of the goals of nations is very crucial. The World Rising Powers like China and India are exploiting the use of media fully. The future of media is brilliant, and the role of Media is very crucial. Media should act responsibly in the coming days can bring the change.

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