Politics, by W.B. Yeats: Explanation and Critical Comments

Politics is little but very impressive and serious poem written by W.B. Yeats. W.B. Yeats was born and died in 1939. He moved several times between Dublin and London. It was expected W .B. Yeats to enter the Church like his father and grandfather, but while still an undergraduate, he turned a septic, and after trying the law, he became an artist. While studying  at the school of Art in Dublin, he developed an interest in mystic religion and supernatural. He began to write poetry in his late teens with his father’s enthusiastic encouragement. His aims were to write for an Irish audience and to re-create a specifically Irish Literature, he took an active part in the movement known as the Irish Literary Renaissance.

Politics is a simple yet beautiful poem about politics and love. We live in an age when politics and politicking has assumed gigantic proportions. Yeats contrasts the reality of politics with reality of love and while the political reality is not denied, it is certainly questioned in the face of the greater reality of love. What Politicians say’ may be true’ but ‘ that girl standing there’, symbolizing youth and love offers  a tempting alternative to the world of ‘war’s alarms’. The world of power politics appears meaningless in the face of reality.

politics by Liaqat007

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