Poem, Solitary Reaper, Critical Analysis

Critical Comments:

William Words Wroth well-deservedly called the high priest of nature, visited Scotland with his sister Dorothy in 1827. a common scene of the highland girl, reaping and binding with grain and singing a dolorous (sad) song holds the poet’s attention, stirs his imagination and carves itself in his memory. The recollection of the scene gathers all the similes and metaphors (description) and he composes the poem titled the ‘Solitary Reaper’ steeped (sheer) in romantic elements. 

Once he went to Scotland and met a lovely maiden there, working in the fields. Her lovely presence and her song in a foreign land and in a foreign language forced the poet to compose such extra ordinary poem the beautiful girl appears to be the part of beauty and nature.    
The recollection of this happy experience became a source of this great poem. The poet visited Scotland alone. Her song was so impressive that the poet could not help listening to it. Her song is so impressive that the whole valley is over flowing with her song. The poet compares the girl with the cuckoo and nightingale. Her song is sweeter than these birds. The poet is not sure what is she singing? He guesses about her song. He is not sure what is she singing? In the end, the poet is of the opinion that it seems that her song will not end. A lot of time as passed but the poet cannot forget it. The lovely presence of girl and her song moved the poet to compose these verses.

The tone of the poet is nostalgic. The poet has used every day’s diction according to his theory. The poem is subjective. The poet has used both the monosyllable and polysyllable words. The poem is romantic is sense. The poem has been written in four stanzas of eight lines. On the whole it is an impressive poem.          

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