Pakistan and Modern World-The Demands that Our Freedom Makes on Us

Q: According to the Liaquat Ali Khan what are the demands that our freedom makes on us?

Ans: In this address, Liaquat Ali Khan also explained the real meanings of freedom. He said that freedom does not mean freedom from foreign domination. Not only the government should be free from foreign rule but the people also are free. They should be free from hunger, disease, ignorance and backwardness. He said unless s these aims are achieved, freedom does not have any importance for a common person. Secondly, he explained what the demands that a nation makes of us are. First, we would maintain our freedom. It does not descend on any nations but a nation was to struggle very hard to get it. It requires constant attention. He said that our freedom demands from the US that we should stand by the present world in order to get the right place. During the last two or three centuries, the Muslims of sub-continent remained backward due to the foreign domination. It was these years that the western countries used science and technology and progressed very much. That was why that not only the Muslims of the sub-continent but most of the people of Asia remained backward because they missed this time of history. He explained that our resources were undeveloped and the standard of living was much low than that of the western people. Here he pointed out a very important thing that people of Pakistan could progress in the same way if they combined their religion with modern science. What he meant was that the Muslims should not follow the west blindly but they would also keep their religion in their mind.

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