Pakistan and Modern World, Urdu Translation, Lecture No 1

This is 1st lecture of the English Prose, Pakistan and Modern World in BA English. This is actually the speech delivered by Liaqat Ali Khan on his 1st tour to United States of America. In his Speech, Liaqat Ali Khan firstly, told the circumstance of Pakistan came in to being. He explained that when British determined to leave subcontinent, It was so vast that it had geographically a separate land where the Muslims were larger in numbers.  So delivering the power to Hindus who were already in number, was not the freedom of Muslims but only the change of master in sub continent. United British held sway, there lived a hundred million Muslims who for centuries had made this part of the world their homeland Long experience and the history of several centuries had taught the Muslims that  under the dominating majority of three to one from British rule would mean to the Muslims, not freedom but merely a change of masters. This differences as that phrase is generally understood. It was not merely that whereas the Muslims monotheists, the Hindus were polytheists, or that the Muslims believed in the Prophet of Arabia and in Christ and the prophets of the Old Testament, where Hindus did not.

Now watch the video lecture and Urdu Translation

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