Old Man and Sea-Fight with Sharks

Old Man and Sea

(Fight with Sharks


Sharks as a symbol of punishment


Old man as a tragic hero

or What was his character flaw,)
The Sharks are very important in the novel because they signify the dynamic natures. In man’s life, nature facilitates and reduces his initiatives simultaneously. The sharks are also the symbol of punishments when the old man commits an error. The old man is a terrible idol who fights for his success. On the eighty-fifth day, he hooks a big marlin. He goes too far into the sea on the day.
“Nothing . .. I went out too far.”
But he does a blunder of hurting the marlin and going very deep into the sea. He stabs the marlin and creates the blood drip out. It encourages the sharks. The sharks are also a test of Santiago’s tolerance and determination. He fights against them until his end. He tries his best to avoid wasting marlin but with no success. Their attack is very dangerous, and they take the whole skin of the marlin. Only the bones of marlin continue to be. The first strike is a mako shark. Its teeth are like fingers. It takes 40 weight of skin. Santiago hits with his harpoon, but the shark takes it with the string. He repeats that “a man can be destroyed but not defeated.”
Two shovel-nosed sharks do the second attack. Santiago fights with his knife tied with an oar. He kills both of them, but they eat one-quarter of the flesh. Now, he understands his error of hurting the marlin and going very deep into the sea. Now another shark attacks to the marlin.  It also takes the knife of the old man. His fight doesn’t end here. It is the test of his determinations. Two sharks come before dusk. He again fights with his club. Now only half marlin remains. At nighttime, a pack of sharks attacks at once. One of them takes his club, but he fights with the tiller of the boat.  He does not accept his defeat. Now, he can’t stop the Sharks from getting the whole flesh of the marlin. “He hit them without hope but with  resolution.”

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