Notes on BA English: Tartary, Critical comments:


Walter de la Mare’s poetry lends magic as well as transparency (سادگی) to the words. He weaves (بُننا) such finest patters (موسیقی) as give palpability (واضع) to impalpability (غیر واضع), visibility to invisibility and vice versa. So he becomes a master painter at who’s beckoning (اشارہ کرنا) imagery of all kind wins sway.

Tartary is a dreamy poem. It is a journey into the realm of the imagination. The poet wishes, imagines himself that there would be different birds and animal in his court. He mentions the glorious (شاندار) meal provide to him. He is the dashing kind with colourful robes (چوغہ). Every natural objects of Tartary would be under his control. His use of color words has made this poem impressive. The western mind normally associates this king of richness with the orient.(واضع)  The ivory bed, the peacock, the charming music are dreamy and allure us. Tartary reminds us “Kubla Khan” by Coleridge.

The tone of the poet is dreamy. The mode is also dreamy. The diction of the poem is easy to understand. The syntax is normal. The poem is in four stanzas of eight lines each, which called “ octava rima”. On the whole the poem is impressive.

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