Notes on BA English: Leisure, Critical Comments:


   Leisure is poem, which is criticism on the modern man and his way of life. We are much busy in our daily routine life that we have no time for the natural objects. These may rage from the most ordinary every day pleasure of simple things to the extra ordinary like turning at the beauty’s glance.

The poet is so regret to say our way of life. He is lamenting (افسوس کرنا)   the rush hurry manner in which we spend our lives. We deprived (محروم کرنا) ourselves from the natural beauty and natural objects. The poet feels that we should relish (لطف اندوز ہونا) the natural objects. The modern man is much busy in his daily dull and drab (اکتا دینے والی) life that he doesn’t care of things. He has become machine. The lust of collecting money   with both hands has brought him away from real peace and charm of life which is hidden in nature and in real beauty.

The tone of the poem is very serious and sad. The mood of poet is also sad and serious. The diction (طرزتحریر) is understandable. The syntax (ترکیب) is strong. The poem is in fourteen lines consisting three stanzas of four lines and final stanza of two lines. The poet has successfully used simile in the second stanza, “stream full of stars, like skies at night”. He has personified beauty. The central theme of the poem is appealing

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