Notes on BA English: How Did The Killers Make Plan To Kill Ole Andreson?

3How Did The Killers Make Plan To Kill Ole Andreson?


How Did The Killers Control The Situation Of Lunchroom At Their Own Thinking?


Killers Were The Masters In The Lunchroom. Discuss.

Answer. Al and max, the professional cutthroats (قاتل) came to the Henry’s lunchroom to kill a person named Ole Andreson. They knew that Ole Andreson used to come for dinner at six o clock. However, intentionally (جان بوجھ), they came to the lunchroom at five to check the situation of lunchroom. Both men also demanded wrong dishes that were not available at proper time, only to waste time, wait for their target and plan to control the situation.  They also started scolding (جھاڑجھپاڑ), up braiding and threatening the members of lunchroom to create horrible environment such as “Everything we want’ the dinner, eh? That’s the way you work it.” They also ate with their gloves on so that they would not leave fingerprints as proof for police.  They made hostile Nick and Sam into kitchen and tied them back to back. They amused them by this act and Al told his friend Max very leisurely (لاپرواہی), “I got them tied up like a couple of girlfriend in the convent”. Therefore, we see that they had a great plan to kill Ole Andreson though, fortunately, he did not come in lunchroom that day.

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