Notes on BA English: The Killers’ Impact on the Members of Lunchroom

what type of impact did the killers leave to members of lunchroom.

Answer. Al and Max, killers had a great horrible impact (خوفناک اثر) left on the minds of the members of lunchroom, when they departed. They had great plan to kill ole Andreson and they did every preparation for their target but unfortunately, they could not kill Ole Andreson.  Sam and Nick, who were gagged (باندھےگئے) by Al with a towel, they were so much horrified by their action that they decided to leave the lunchroom. Sam, the cook was much disturbed that he said “I don’t like it, said the cook’ I don’t like any of it at all.” He even forbade George and Nick, “You better stay way out of it.”

In other side we also feel that their arrival had great effect on Ole Andreson, although, Al and Max were unable to kill.  Ole had been running away from death, but after this incident, he now decided to face bitter realty of death. He himself told Nick “I’m through with all that running around” and confirmed, “No it ain’t just a bluff (دھمکی).”

In short, we see that killers had great effect on the lives of Ole Andreson and all members of lunchroom.

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