Notes for BA English: The Killers is is Full of Horror and Terror

The story is full of horror and terror: Discuss.

Answer: This story the killers is also full of horror and terror that appears in starting scene. We feel the dark scene is sign of horror. We often see this type of scene in horror movies. Killer’s ridiculous behavior with the members of lunchroom also creates horror and terror as “what the hell do you put on the card for?” Al and Max also terrify (خوفزدہ کرنا) all the members with rubbish (گھٹیا)   language and make the whole environment full of horror. Al threatens George indirectly that he would blow his head off.  When they, after in-completion of their purpose, depart Al asks Max, “what about the two bright boys and the nigger?” actually, he wants to kill the staff of lunchroom. We see Al is very cruel and ill mannered (بُرے انداز سے) person who even scolds Max and creates horror as “you talk too damn much”.  Reader also shudders (کانپ جانا) at once when he is informed that they have come to kill Ole Andreson, a very nice, kind and gentle person. Arrival and departure (روانگی) of the killers not terrify reader but also staffs of restaurant who decide to leave the lunchroom.

Therefore, we find that this story is full of horror and terror.

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