New Constitution is criticism on the political and social scene before Independence?

The New Constitution reflects Indian Political, Economical and Social Realities for Freedom. Discuss.

Point out elements of humor and pathos in the story the New Constitution.
Answer: “The New Constitution” by Saadat Hassan Manto is a beautiful short story. It is the successful combination of entertainment and serious thinking. The writer wants to condemn imperialism as the most tyrannical and serious thinking. He wants to show us, how love of power corrupts man and makes him brutish, unjust and exploiting.
The writer has introduced Ustad Mangu, the Tonga wala as the representative of lower working classes of India. He felt that the English rulers were quite inhuman and cruel to the Indian Muslims. They humiliated and disgraced the Muslims. The behavior towards Indians was very rude and cruel. The local people also hate their foreign rulers but could do nothing to get rid of them. They have to suffer silently, all the high-handedness and humiliation at the hand of these aggressors.

Manto has made successful use of humor and irony as tears. Mangu has been made comic character. In spite of being uneducated and poor, he was a man of political awareness. He gave great importance to self-respect and human dignity. The writer has made him an eccentric (particular) who had gone to the extreme in his hatred of the goras, calling them white mice, human monkeys and lepers. The writer also portrayed political and social scene of Indians for freedom. People of India had not attractive color. Muslims and Hindus had tense relations between them. The Muslims, especially poor economically therefore, they were tortured by gora soldiers To see more related question click the link below

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