The Necklace, What is the theme of the story?  

Q No 4: Explain these lines. “How singular is life and how full changes! How small a thing will ruin or save one.” 


How was a chance, luck or fate at the basic of the suffering of Matilda and Loisel?                                    Or

What is the theme of the story?                 Or

What is the moral lesson of the story?    Or

What is the role of fate in the story “The Necklace”?

Answer:  The Necklace deals with human nature. It is a beautiful illustration of Shakespeare’s saying that “men are to gods as flies are to wanton boys; they kill us for their sport.” The writer wants to show Fate deprives chance happened and accidents influence people of their opportunities of happiness and destinies. A single mistake or careless step on the part of a man may hurt him into a hell of lifelong suffering and miseries.

It tells us a moral lesson that we should be contented, and we should learn to live according to our circumstances. Matilda was right when she said, “How singular is life and how full of changes. How small thing will ruin or save one.”  Matilda was charming, and that was why she was not contented. She dreamed of leading a life of luxury and marrying with a distinguished (نمایاں) man. She had neither frocks nor jewels and felt that she was made for them. Therefore, when her husband brought the card to the ball and she refused to accept because she did not want to be humiliated among aristocracy due to poverty. Her husband had to arrange for her suitable suite for her saving.

When they lost the necklace, they had no much money to buy another necklace so they had to borrow and destroyed their life in paying the debt. Hard work robed her beauty. She was much shocked when she came to know that the necklace, which she lost, was false.

Therefore, The Necklace can be called a story of human vanity, especially of women’s attempt at ostentation. It shows how beautiful young ladies are fond of showing themselves off to win the admiration and attention of others. The love of fashionable costumes and precious jewelry is their chief weakness. If they happen to get generous parents or highly obliging (شریف) husbands, their vain gloriousness (غیر مو ئثّر شان و شوکت) may lead to untold miseries and unseen troubles.

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