National Unity

Importance of national unity:
How to improve national unity:

Unity has great strength and goodwill/brotherhood. The survival of any country depends on national unity and consensus. No nation, no country, no state, can find honor and dignity and a place of respect in the eyes of the world, for the people who are not in the United and have harmony. The concept of national unity is a raw idea without progress and prosperity. There is no mean of the wave out of the river. Similarly, individual does not have any power, but when he is lost in one nation, becomes a strength. If they go ahead with unity and agreement, no opponent force becomes an obstacle to them.
In the life of nations, unity is power, through which they can be successful in overcoming difficulties. National unity plays a significant role in the progress of a country. National unity is very important to strengthen our nation. No doubt, Pakistan is passing through the most critical period of its history. To make Pakistan powerful and prosperous, national unity is necessary/essential aspect. The need of eradication of differences between unity and ourselves is today, perhaps more than ever. Our eastern and western borders are asking for attention. The worst situation is in law and order, economic crisis, energy crisis. Therefore, to deal with all these problems, it needs to have patience and hard work personally and individually.
By the grace of God, our country is rich in unlimited natural resources. We should spend energies for collective interests, leaving personal interests. As the Pakistani, we should trust on government, restore peace and stability of the economy to help the government. The history is a witness when Muslims had unity, no any power of world could beat them but When they were divided, they were pulled out. We will have to move forward to face the current challenges with positive thinking to the individual and combined so that On the world map, a strong, peaceful, and the welfare state could exist
In the end, we can say that we do not have ideal national unity. If we want to make Pakistan an ideal, powerful and prosperous Islamic state, the government and the people should make efforts sincerely. The government should take significant steps to eliminate the terrorism, corruption, political unrest and economic crisis so that national unity can be established.

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