A Multiple topic dialogue

A Multiple topic dialogue for the issues of

Corruption. 2. Unemployment. 3. Smuggling. 4. Inflation 5. Dearness. 6 soaring prices 7. Over-population 8. Poverty. 9. Drugs 10. Traffic problem. 11. Terrorism. 12. Mass crisis. 13. Bribery 14. Self- reliance. 15. Nepotism 16. Accountability 17. Tax invasion 18. Dowry. 19. Violence 20. Debt Problem. 21. Load shedding 22. Inflated telephone-gas-electricity bills. 23. Despair. 24. Depression. 25. Black marketing 26. Horse trading in assemblies 27. Leg pulling 28. Hoarding.  29. Indiscipline. 30 injustices 31. Hypocrisy. 32. Favoritism. 33. Political instability 34. Provincialism 35. Insecurity 36. Regionalism. 37. Street crime. 38. Religious violence 39. Suicide Attacks. 40. Misuse of mobiles

A: Assalam-o-Alaikum! How are you?

B: Wa Alaikum Salam! I’m fine. What are you doing nowadays?

A: I’m doing my B.A./ I’m doing a job at ________.

B: How is your life going?

A: It’s fine. Problems are the part and parcel of life.

B: What is your problem; you are looking very sand and fixed, what is the matter?

B: Yes dear, you are absolutely on the right point. I too am, extremely worried today.

A: Can you share your anxiety, if you don’t mind?

B: Yes! Dear, In fact, I am worried about ……………………………..  has become one of the most embarrassing problems of our country.

A: Oh yeah, you are true. Not only you but also we all are worried about this, but what can we do now.

B: We should not only worry but also find the solution to this devastating ……………………………… This is an alarming situation. It not only demoralize and destabilizes a nation but also creates uncertainty (بے چینیand insecurity among the masses.

A: I agree with you. I also know that a nation’s good image is spoiled all over the world due to ………………………….. in our country. However, the question is how can we control and stop this epidemic وبا?

B: we should play our role to aware our people to raise our voices against this…………………..

We should also criticize the government policies and highlight this issue to government level to open their eyes who are leading the country.

A; Yes, I also add media too for this campaign and also show them to that they also take necessary steps at their levels to uproot the graving menace of _________________

B:  we should also aware our authorities that an organizing committee should also be set up and provided with sufficient resources to eradicate this _________________

A: I hope that we will succeed in our mission. Sorry for the interruption. My cell phone is ringing. May I attend the call!

B: Surely!

A: My father/mother/wife is calling me at home.

B: Is it an emergency?

A: A little bit.

B: Ok! You can go.

A: Nice to meet you.

B: Wish you good luck. May Allah help you to solve your problems and reduce your cares, worries, tensions, and frustrations. See you again.

(They shake hands and depart.)



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