Multiple Letter for BA Students to Write Any of the Give Topics

نیچے دیے گئے کسی بھی موضوع جو کہ پیپر میں آئے اسے خالی جگہ پر شامل کر دیں

 This is multiple letter for BA Student, if the examiner asks any related issues, just fill the black space and enjoy wrting. Just learn one letter on all these topics

Write a letter of Application to the editor of a local newspaper about the problem of “————————“.

  1. 2. Unemployment. 3. Smuggling. 4. Inflation 5. Dearness. 6 soaring prices 7. Over-population 8. Poverty. 9. Drugs 10. Traffic problem. 11. Terrorism. 12. Mass crisis. 13. Bribery 14. Self- reliance. 15. Nepotism 16. Accountability 17. Tax invasion 18. Dowry. 19. Violence 20. Debt Problem. 21. Load shedding 22. Inflated telephone-gas-electricity bills. 23. Despair. 24. Depression. 25. Black marketing 26. Horse trading in assemblies 27. Leg pulling 28. Hoarding. 29. Indiscipline. 30 injustices 31. Hypocrisy. 32. Favoritism. 33. Political instability 34. Provincialism 35. Insecurity 36. Regionalism. 37. Street crime. 38. Religious violence 39. Rash Driving 40. Misuse of mobiles.              


Examination Hall,

City A.B.C.             

April 6, 2016.  

The Editor,

Daily ‘Jang’,

Davies Road,


Subject: Report about the problem of ‘______________’ in the city.

Respected Sir,

With profound (گہری) and humble (عا جزانہ) submission (اطاعت گذاری) I entreat (التجا کرنا) to enunciate (اظہار کرنا) that _____________has become one of the most embarrassing (پریشان کن) problems of our city as well as in all over Pakistan. It is replete (بھری ہوی) with dangers of destructive (تباہ کن) aspects. _____________not only demoralizes and destabilizes a nation but also creates uncertainty (بے چینیand insecurity among the masses or our locality. If_____________ creeps (آہستہ سے داخل ہونا) in a society, it eats inner strength, outer splendor (وقار), economic prosperity (خوشحالی) and social peace of a nation. The damage done is not only immediate (فورًا) but also far-reaching (ُدوررس) for the people who live around our area and our city.

It is like white ant that is eating away our whole national unnoticeably. The uncontrolled spread of ______________ has split up ethical and financial support pillars (بنیادیں ستونؕ) of a nation. ______________ is highly dangerous and risky for nation like Pakistan. It is ruining financial and governmental balance.

I humbly request to the government to arrange an elaborate system to control this. It is the duty of Government to set up an organized committee with sufficient resources.   Government Authorities, NGO’s and National Mass Media should also take necessary steps at their levels to uproot the graving menace of _________________. The accusers should be given exemplary sentences (punishments). It is only that we can eradicate this social evil form our society.              

Thanks in anticipation. (توقع)

Yours Truly,



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