Lights Outs Critical Comments

Critical Comments:
“Lights Out” by Edward Thomas is a remarkable poem in praise of sleep. It is about the sweet experience of sleep. Sleep has an overwhelming (tremendous) power. When a person is going to fall into the lap of amorphous (vogue), he feels as if he is sliding into the unfathomable forest of darkness and oblivion where everyone loses his way.
The poet dilates (opens) on the overwhelming effect of sleep. When we start activities, desires, emotions and cherished (valuable) notion must give way to hold that sleep exercises. During the day time when we are busy in doing our routine works, we get tired and think we must take rest, then sleep removes our weariness and make us fresh.
The world of daytime activities is distinct from the world of sleep. In the morning we go on moving along different roads and tracks and remain busy all day not thinking that very soon we are going to be helpless. We must turn away from book and sweet companion to enter alone the territory of sleep. The poet wishes to go into the unknown forest of sleep without holding anything in his hand. He does not know how he will overcome this difficult experience.
The tone of the poem is serious and strong. The mood is subjective and impressive. The syntax is also strong and impressive. It is thought provoking poem.

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