Lights Out, Explanation and Critical Comments

Lights Out is very important and very impressive poem of the poetry section in BA English written by Edward Thomas. Edward Thomas was born in 1878 and died in 1917. He was a poet as well as a critic. During most of the short career he was condemned to writing books to order, to make a living but he always write with literary taste about poets and with feeling about nature. He was killed in the first World War. He left poems whose lyrical beauty and passion greatly enhanced his reputation.

The Poem Lights Out dwells on the power of sleep. Our routine activities, our desires, ambitions mush all give way to the hold that sleep has over us. Things that are mostly dearly cherished, as a favorite book or a loved face are willingly relinquished as we find ourselves slipping gently into the blessed world o sleep. It is as unconditional surrender to the deep, unconscious self, to the unknown. Sleep has an equalizing effect; all are subject to its spellbinding power; the rich and poor, the good and evil.

Everybody has to leave everything either dearest or worst in his life and has to surrender against the power of sleep when it comes. He has to leave everything and then enter alone in the depth of sleep.

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