How Has the Writer Brought Out Exploitation and Hypocrisy in The Happy Prince

Answer: ‘The Happy Prince’ is outwardly a kind of fairy tale in which the statue of the prince and little swallow are its main characters.  The Happy Prince is about human sufferings continued, thus becoming the document of social criticism. The writer brings out beautifully exploitation and hypocrisy. Rich people always exploit the poor. The mayor and the town councilors represent the exploitation of the poor. The son of seamstress was suffering from fever and her mother could not attend him. On other hand, the Queen’s maid who ordered embroidering passion flower said in very ironical way “the seamstresses are so lazy”. Writer also point outs exploitation of poor when “Swallow flew over the great city, and saw the rich making merry in their beautiful houses, while the beggars were sitting at the gates… Under the archway of the bridge, two little boys were lying in one another’s arms to try to keep themselves warm. ‘How hungry we are’. However, watchman made them run saying “you must not lie here”.

The writer also brings out hypocrisy of town councilors who showed artistic taste to praise the Happy Prince. “He is as beautiful as a weathercock”. The town councilors are the worst example of hypocrisy. They always agree with the mayor. They even repeat the mayor’s words. So these elements show the exploitation and hypocrisy of the people.

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