How did ‘The Happy Prince’ help the poor?

Describe briefly the services rendered by the Swallow at the request of the Happy Prince.


Who were the distressed persons helped by the Swallow at the request of the Happy Prince?

Answer: The Happy Prince was worried to see his miseries of poor. He was unable to help them because he was fixed on pedestal. He requested the swallow to stay and help the poor.

Firstly, he told about seamstress and her son who was tossing feverishly on his bed with fever and demanding oranges. However, the seamstress was unable to buy because she was too poor to buy medicine and oranges. The swallow plucked out great ruby and laid it beside his bed. He also “flew round the bed, fanning the boy’s forehead with his wings” and boy sank into a delicious slumber.

 Secondly, he told about the very young and beautiful play-write who was trying to finish a play for director but it was too cold to write any more. There was no fire in the grate and hunger made him faint. Little swallow entered in his room and put the sapphire on the table.

Thirdly, he helped the poor match girl had let her matches fall into the gutter and was crying due to the fear of punishment by her father.

Lastly, when the Swallow decided to live with the prince, he said to the swallow, “Fly over city, little swallows, and tell me what you see there”. He also explained,You tell me marvelous things, but more marvelous that anything is the suffering of men and women. There is no Mystery so great as Misery”. So little swallow took all gold off and gave it to the poor.


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