Happy Prince: What Was the Result after Happy Prince’s help?

What kind of effect was on the people after the help of Happy Prince?                                                                   Or

How Happy Prince changed people’s life?

The Happy Prince was much grieved to see the miseries of poor people after death. He could not help them but to weep because he was fixed to his pedestal so he could only weep. God blessed him and send swallow for helping the poor. He requested the swallow gave all his gold sapphires and his ruby to the poor.

Firstly, he helped the seamstress whose son was tossing with fever but after fanning by swallow he slept delicious slumber.

Secondly, he helped the play writer sapphire and he became much excited saying, “I am beginning to be appreciated…. ‘this is from some great admirer. Now I can finish my play”; and he looked very happy.

Thirdly, he helped the match-girl who spoiled her matches and was weeping, swallow slipped the jewel into her palm  of her hand ‘what a lovely bit of glass’ and she ran home, laughing.

Lastly, when happy prince ordered swallow to fly over city and see the miseries of people, the swallow flew over and saw the rich were making merry in their beautiful houses, while beggars were sitting at the gates. So happy prince requested swallow to take off leaf-by-leaf his entire fine gold and give it to the poor because “the living always think that gold can make them happy”. So little swallow picked off leaf-by-leaf all his fine gold and brought to the poor and the children’s face grew rosier, and they laughed and played games in the street. “We have bread now!” they cried.

So we can say that after the help of happy prince people became happy and prosper. They led very comfortable life after happy prince’s help.


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