Essay; Problem of Modern Youth


Rudeness in behavior

Drinks and alcohol

Reasons behind the depressions:

Fast-growing population


In today’s throat cut competition and the high-pressure world, many of the teenagers and young adults are living stressed and anxious lifestyle. There may be various numbers of circumstances and issues affecting our daily lives. Gone are the days when children and parents used to sit on the dining table to have lunch and dinner or spend time with each other. Now teenagers have their modern lifestyle. They do not want any interference in that. There is a need of special care and attention for stressed boys and girls.

The most common problems seen in today’s adolescents are irresponsible nature, defiance, chemical substance abuse, anger, isolation, shyness, sexual addiction, nicotine and alcohol addiction, sleeping problems and behavioral problems. Many teenagers are suffering from severe emotional, mental and psychological problems such as learning disability, ADD, ADHD, ODD, OCD and Bipolar disorder. Such troubled kids need specialized treatments, moral support, extended care and motivational training to overcome harassing issues and negative thinking. Depressed youth achieve new hope of living with the help of treatment and counseling programs.problems with modern youth

The consumption of alcoholic drinks is totally accepted in these modern times. Images of healthy, happy-looking people having a great time while enjoying their favorite drink are a normal sight in television and magazine ads.

Children suffering from depression, stress and anxiety become rebellious and unmotivated. For treating the depression, cutting and self-destructive behavior in harassed children, there are numbers of specialty boarding schools, residential treatment centers, wilderness camps and boot camps. Christian boarding schools offer spirituality based programs in the fostering and caring environment that inspire aggressive boys and girls to give up poor interests and choices. Christian programs develop high confidence and self-esteem in the life of under pressure teenagers. Families in crisis can also discuss Troubled Teenagers problems with the certified counselors to get wide ranges of options supportive of problematic teen recovery.

A fast-growing population has increased to complexities of life in our times and the fantastic technological progress triggered off by the Second World War.

These two factors combined have brought about great socio-political changes during the last three decades, both in the industrialized countries of the West and in the underdeveloped countries in Asia. Pursuing the mirage, parents have little time to devote to their children and to properly direct and supervise their activities. The children have all the money they need and seldom face the need to work for a living. The result is that they try to attract attention in other ways and seek excitement in drugs and permissiveness.

We decrease the problem of youth with different ways. We can reduce the gap in communication between youth, their parents and policy makers and service providers, and encourage young people to become more involved in decision-making and taking charge of their futures. But above all, we hope that we end up with some great ideas that will be used for changing existing policies and creating new and more youth friendly ones!

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