Departure and Arrival, Poem Explanation and Critical Analysis Part 1

This is 1st part of the Video Lecture of the Poem Departure and Arrival. It is beautiful poem written by TS. Eliot . TS. Eliot is Anglo-American poet born Missouri in 26 September 1888 and died in London in 4th January. He was Educated at Harvard, the Sorbonne and Oxford. In London he taught for a while in Highgate School, then worked in Lloyd’s Bank. TS. Eliot became naturalized British subject-had an enormous impact on modern literature. In East Coker, from Four Quartets in 1943, he evoked; a lifetime burning in every movement, further claimed ‘ In my beginning is my end’. This line is inscribed on TS. Eliot’s grave-stone.

The most remarkable quality of TS. Eliot’s this early poem Departure  and Arrival is his faith in idealism and optimism coupled with courage and fortitude which inspires us to accept the most formidable of the challenges of life. TS. Eliot urges us to set high goals and strive undauntedly, guided by our vision and sublime ideals.

departure and arrival lecture 1 by Liaqat007

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