Departure and Arrival, Explanation and Critical Comments 2nd Video

In the 2nd lecture the Poet TS Eliot gives is more vision for optimism and idealism about the 20th century. No doubt, nations and the individuals wither away and perish without vision. Planning before, performance after one’s departure it must for the final arrival, your destination, your destiny. The struggle to make this world a better place according to our lights is rewarding in itself, whatsoever’ whosoever and howsoever we have been or have done.

The poet in his poem Departure and Arrival wants this voyage, 21st century, to be more secure and advanced. Man needs a map to determination, courage and optimism to reach to his destination. The poet wants to make this century excellent. He wishes and insists us to be “greater” than those that came before to make a “legacy of benefits” for arriving years. He wants us to work jointly beyond individual advantages.

The message of the poet towards new generation is clear that countries and people must work beyond each benefit. Regardless who keeps the “flag” but it does matter that it must be kept excellent so that it gets to the final destination. The poet also makes clear that the journey to success and prosperity is neither brief nor easy; it does take a life-time to do something excellent and see it flourish.

This poem Departure and Arrival is particularly right to the political awareness and a fight to decrease the problems of humanity. We have people as well as groups stating improvement of humanity but nothing good comes out of their worthlessness except the echoing of their baseness and evil. The poet tries to reveal that real support is un-named and effective and real service does not work for their own names; they work for a cause and an objective beyond individual strategy and perspective. This is the aim and mind-set which benefits us a “legacy of benefits” and the same heritage must be upheld by the inheritors to confirm that we, the people, are truly value our development.

departure and arrival lecture 2 by Liaqat007

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