Departure And Arrival, Critical Comments, Notes

Like Words Worth, Eliot believes poetry to be (natural) overflow of powerful feelings. His poem Departure and Arrival seems to be the practical manifestation of it. He turns all the conceptual images into perceptual (awareness) ones. The extra-sensory are made sensory (sensibleness) and thus the powerful feelings with regard to the abstract find their ventilation in the form of the palpable (manifest) and concrete through wonderful metaphors and similes.

T.S. Eliot carefully expresses idealism and commitment to ensure a bright future for man. Faith and idealism are very important essentials. If a man has faith and idealism and optimism, he can be useful for his nation.  

The way of progressing is complicated and tortuous but if the sons of this century are ready, they can still do wonders. The poet urges the reader to work for the welfare of the world and his whole nation. Nations and individuals wither away and perish without vision. It is duty of modern man to work hard with full devotion for the brighter future. Whoever, is struggling will remember this struggle in the part of his life. Planning is an important component to make this world a better place. His planning helps to create good and fruitful atmosphere for the world. Eliot’s powerful feelings listen to the great call of the 20th century. It needs maternal love that likes to dower its children in a better way. The pot is of the opinion that we should work, what so ever, who so ever, we have been or have done. The poet wants to see this world an ideal place.

The tone of the Departure And Arrival is constructive. The mood is helpful and inspiring. The diction is bit difficult but the meaning is always clear. The poem is objective. The central idea is heart touching and appealing.


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