Democracy in Pakistan, Essay with Outlines:

Democracy in Pakistan:



Democratic Governments of Pakistan

Causes of failure of democracy in Pakistan

Scope of Democracy in Pakistan


Democracy is the most powerful foam of government. It is also regarded as the significant foam of government. It requires active participation of people in the decision-making process. Without public collaboration, democracy cannot flourish properly. It is the most favorable foam of government as well. Democracy is the much used political thought as a part of today’s reality. Reasonable races must best critical of this sort of government. This appointive procedure ought to be completed under the amazment of the establishment, the common and political rights, the tenet of laws, and the opportunity of people.

Pakistan is a country whose foundations were being made on the basis of democracy. In 1947, when Pakistan got independence, the first democratic government was being established. This was the pleasant dream but unfortunately was being dented various times by the generals of Pakistan Army, this was being done by imposing Martial Law end to the democratic governance. The main reason of Martial laws due to the corruptions in democratic governments when they found unfair means then naturally people demanded to have military generals so that their country can lead to the path of success and prosperity.

The main causes of failure of democracy in Pakistan are summarized as follows: Overdeveloped state structure, political instability, military intervention, massive corruption, lack of accountability, weak infrastructure, feudal dispensation, institutional crises, constitutional crises, strong bureaucracy, and low-level of political socialization, extremism, weak civil society and absence of mature leadership.  The monopolization and centralization of power have creating a lot of problem for Pakistan. It creates hurdles in the way of smooth democracy.

Massive corruption paved the way for military to intervene in the internal affairs of country. After independence, massive corruption started to great extent. It gave the path to military elite to rule Pakistan.  Pakistan has faced the challenge of lack of accountability. This is main reason of democratic downfall. Weak infrastructure of Pakistan has created a lot of issues.

To finish up, we can say that if democracy needs to restore in the genuine sense, the substance of this system i.e. strengthening of overall population ought to be restored. This strengthening must be in all fields i.e. monetary, social, political or more all instructive. History has demonstrated that at whatever point open has offered opportunity to choose, they as a rule go under impact of the political party administering in their own areas. They don’t have any thought about what is ideal for their country and themselves.


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