Critical Analysis  of the story Tell-Tale Heart:


The character of the Tell-Tale Heart is a traditional example of Poe’s untrustworthy narrator, a man who cannot be reliable to tell the purpose fact of what is happening. His unreliability becomes instantly obvious in the first paragraph of the story, when he demands on his quality of ideas and acknowledgments of any signs of madness to his anxiety and oversensitivity, particularly in the area of listening. However, as soon as he completes his announcement of peace of mind, he provides a consideration that has a series of apparently sensible gaps that can only be described by madness. In his short stories, Poe often desired to catch the mindset of psychotic characters, and the narrator of this story displays steps of thinking that more look like the thinking of goals than they do the ideas of a regular person.

The narrator’s psychological uncertainty provides a clear counter argument to his statements of the good verdict. In almost no situations does he react in the way that one would anticipate. He is so worried by the old man’s vulture-like eye that his loathing triumphs over his like for the man, Major him to intend a killing. Later, when he lastly is successful in killing the old man, he becomes favorably pleasant, the sensation that he has achieved his objective smartly and with the rationality that he associates with peace of ideas. However, the not aware actions of the cops indicate that the narrator has become unacquainted with his actions and his behavior. Because, he cannot maintain the range between fact, his spiritual ideas, and feelings, he mistakes his psychological frustration for actual agitation and misinterprets the mere gossip of the cops for malevolence. Nevertheless, he thinks the whole time that he has properly and rationally, considered all the activities of the story, indicating that in Poe’s ideas, the key to irrationality is the perception in one’s rationality.

So we can say the Tell-Tale Heart is the story of a person who has been suffering from psychological frustration.

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