Precis: Cold War Against Medical Field

Recently the mass media, formerly subservient to the medical profession, have become increasingly restive and occasionally hostile. In Germany, in particular the newspaper and television have given a great deal of time and space to the complaints against the medical profession. In Britain on BBC radio and television, the medical practices have come under sharp and aggressive criticism. Is this antagonism to the profession justified? And if so, why? I have tried to answer that question by looking at the way it deals with some of the diseases of our civilization, including the most lethal, heart-attacks and cancer. If what emerges is an indictment of the profession, then I would rebut the charge that I am anti-doctor. What is required in the relationship between the doctor and the patient? The trust and unshakable trust, I would say. Montaigne said; “I honour physicians not for their services but for themselves.” That goes for me too.


(i) What do you understand by the mass media?

(ii) What is the writer’s stance towards the medical profession?

(iii) What is a lethal disease? Explain.

(iv) Is there a radical change in the presentation of the art of healing by the mass media?

(v) Suggest a suitable title for the passage.

(vi) Make a precis of the passage.



  1. Mass media includes both the print and electronic media.
  2. After criticizing the medical professors that doctors do not tier work but themselves, he admits that he is anti-doctors.
  3. Lethal means fatal, which might lead to death such as heart attack and cancer.
  4. Yes, media has radical changes in its attitude for the medical profession from co-operating to the opponent.
  5. (a) Role of mass media against the medical field (b) Cold War against Medical Field
  6. Mass media has changed its attitude towards medical profession. Mass media has been hostile and facing hard and aggressive criticism. This critical atmosphere is wrong. The writer has given soft attitude towards medical. It cures our pains and fatal diseases also. Therefore, according to his trust can bond the relation of doctor and the patient.

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Cold War against Medical Field

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