Because I Could Not Stop for Death, Poem Explanation

Because I Could Not Stop for Death is most important poem in BA English written by Emily Dickinson. She is an American poetess who wrote in the latter half of the 19th century. She led a very isolated and introspective life and grew up in a very orthodox and austere family. She read at Amherst Academy and Mound Holyoke  Female Seminary.

Because I Could Not Stop for DeathIn Because I Could Not Stop for Death, she talks about death and the gentle nature of its approach. Death is a common enough theme in poetry. What is remarkable about this poem is the wonderful sense of peace and religious serenity which is the outcome of deep personal faith. Death is seen not as the end, but as the beginning of immortality. The image of the leisurely drive reflects the passing nature of this life in it various stages, school life, maturity, and old age, until the final destination, the House “that seemed a swelling in the ground”, the is the grave. In contrast to this process of passing times is eternity where all time ceases and becomes centuries that yet feel shorter than the day. The image of the ride in the carriage has a dual significance. it is a journey from life to death, from the [physical to the spiritual, from time to timelessness. `

because i could not stop for death by Liaqat007

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