Because I Could Not Stop For Death Critical Comments

Emily Dickinson is an American poetess. She led very isolated life. Her most of the poems are personal, not social. She has a deep interest in religion.

‘Because I Could Not Stop For Death’ is a representative poem of her. The poetess talks about death and the gentle nature of its approach. Death is a common theme in her poetry. Most of the poetess and poets have used it, but the remarkable about this poem is a wonderful sense of peace and spiritual serenity, which is the result of deep faith in religion. The poetess narrates approach of death and the process of the death until grave and in the grave. She discusses three stages of life quite successfully.

Death is seen not as the end but as the beginning of immortality. The poetess uses the image of drive quite beautifully. She is in the grave from centuries but feels shorter than a day. It shows her deep religious faith. The image of the ride in the carriage has a dual signification in this poem. Perhaps it is the journey from life to death, from the physical to the spiritual, from time to time lessens. The poetess discusses the topic with a full religious atmosphere.

The tone of the poetess is religious. The mood is also religious. The syntax of the poem is normal. The poem arises in the religion thinking.

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