The New Constitution: 2nd Lecture Urdu Translation

This is 2nd Video Lecture of the short story The New Constitution,. In this lecture we will discuss about the Ustad Manu’s planning and how he got information about new constitution. He gathered information from different passengers and their comments about The New Constitution. Some were against The New Constitution, so Ustad Mangu did not like them and some like students of Government College were praising the new constitution. Ustad Mangu had made his mind that The New Constitution will come and all things will be changed. That is why Ustad Mangu was now thinking about new constitution according to his mind. See the Video Lecture and see what are the things discussed in the lecture.

Different kind of people came and traveled to his Tonga and they discussed about implementation of The New Constitution. So Ustad Mangu gathered great information about  New Constitution from them and also expected what kind of changes will he see when there will be  New Constitution applicable in India.

You will get a lot of information in this lectures about Ustad Mangu and his enthusiasm about new  New Constitution

new consitution 2nd lecture by Liaqat007

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